Today’s content marketing strategies are multi-lingual: they communicate in many different mediums. Long form content continues to be important, visual content is gaining ground quickly and microcontent is fast claiming a place at the table. Microcontent? What the heck is that?

We are defining microcontent as a short content piece, usually aimed towards one particular topic and very limited in scope. A great example is practically any social media posting. One good reason why microcontent is gaining more focus these days is the global shift to mobile devices. It’s simply not anyone’s idea of a great time to read large blocks of text on a mobile device. Mobile content is necessarily shorter, snappier, and often uses images or videos. With predictions of around 80 percent of all traffic being viewed on a mobile device within the next few years, it’s time to create a plan for microcontent!

Some suggestions for using microcontent in your business!

  • One way you may already be using microcontent is for posting status updates on Facebook leading back to your blog.
  • Make an image or meme which includes a quote from your post and post it to the photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.
  • Use Vine or Instagram to produce a short (in the case of Vine; 6 seconds!) pithy video and direct viewers to your page.
  • Create copy that your readers can easily retweet!
  • Incorporate calls to action within your microcontent. Click here to learn more, etc.
  • Curating bits of content that your readers may find useful from other sites can do many things for you. It helps establish your authority, satisfies your audience, and is quite simple to carry out.

Be consistent in your microcontent strategy. A frequent digest of tips and tricks for your market is something that can get shared all over the place. Make copious use of images and videos; for this’s what people want to see, especially in the short form!

Above all make it sharable, and multiply the reach of your content many times over!