The promise of social media entices all online marketers, and the reach and scope of this medium can be breathtaking. So why not integrate your social media inside your email marketing strategy?

One great way to do this in a fraction of the time it might normally take is to incorporate your social media channels within your email marketing campaigns. This lets you cast your net to a far larger audience, and build your email lists quickly and with some regularity. Let’s have a look at some of the ways we can do this.

3 Tips for integrating your email marketing with social sharing!

  • Announce your emails via your social media – Make it a regular part of your email routine to let your social media channels know that you have a new email going out. Post a quick message on your social media channels saying “Look out for our newsletter landing later today, and tell us what you think!” Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ all shorten your entry to the first 300 characters or so, with a link to read more . So make sure you put your most important text near the beginning, along with a call to action.
  • Encourage your subscribers to share socially – Set up your email template to include social sharing buttons, and encourage readers to connect with you on your social channels. This can all become part of your email template, and look innocuously. Getting your readers to share your great content on their own social networks is a great way to significantly increase the viewing audience of your email, many of whom may not yet know you.
  • What kind of content is most likely to get shared? – Tips, lists, videos, and intriguing infographics or images top the list of most shared content. Don’t be overly promotional to this audience, as they are new and don’t yet trust you. Supplying your subscribers the tools and great content to share will ensure your email messages enjoy a life far beyond the borders of your subscriber lists!