Tips for Using Marketing Orchestration in Your Small Business

This may be a term you haven’t heard of yet, but you will soon. Marketing orchestration means leaving behind standalone, “siloed” campaigns for an approach that utilizes multiple channels in concert with each other, offering an individualized customer experience.

What this means is we can utilize all of these various channels we are currently marketing with, and have them act in concert with each other, delivering a unique experience to the customer. There are hints of this now, as what Google is trying to do with its suite of web tools and services, even so is just the beginning of what promises to be a tsunami of options in regards to orchestrating your marketing.

Why marketing orchestration is an idea worth its salt!

Some of the reasons why marketing orchestration is a good idea will be obvious to you. Others; not so much.

First is the promise of a wider reach and exposure via social sharing through various channels working together. Your email is tied in with your social media, your video also and social media along with your content marketing efforts, and mobile with all of the above. It becomes a potent combination that generates leads faster and in greater quantities than ever before.

You’ll also benefit from enhanced abilities to build and authoritize your brand. Whenever you show up where your customers are hanging out via their preferred communication, you’ll be way more likely to be shared socially. All things considered, marketing orchestration will also be a time saver, as a great deal of this will be automated. (Think IFTTT)

Some ideas to help you begin marketing orchestration

Here are a few ways to begin utilizing marketing orchestration.

  • Look into ways to cross promote via your various social media channels. Mention blog posts and videos through social media.
  • Encourage social sharing. Some individuals who view this may well have significant social channels of their own, that you’ve not yet been exposed to.
  • Set up any email templates, blogs, videos and other content to include ways to socially share your content.
  • Meet your people where they are, and don’t try to fit them into the same box. What your Facebook people want might not be identical to those reading your LinkedIn posts.

Jump on the marketing orchestration bandwagon today, and start making your marketing plan less of a siloed experience, and more of an individualized formula for success!