Social sharing is an excellent way to make sure that your content has exposure to audiences you might not have had access to, and can build your business far faster than in the past. What’s more, it’s very simple to set up and implement!

A few fantastic reasons for getting your content shared!

To illustrate how social media enmeshed we all are in social media, studies show that Americans are spending about 37 minutes a day on their various social media accounts, even more than their email! And, it looks like about 60 percent of us are doing that from our mobile device of choice.

With so many making purchasing choices based upon recommendations from friends and review sites, having your content shared socially in a positive manner only adds to the attractiveness of your products and services.

And we’ve saved the very best for last: the incredible reach offered by social media, that enables you to instantly get your brand in front of literally millions of eyeballs you never had a shot at before, at last for free!

4 Ways you can ramp up the social media sharing!

Give them the tools to share your content! – Making sure that your content is fully sharable by supplying working, easy to see and use social sharing options goes without saying. One thing to do to help them to click these though, is to make sure you include a strong call to action within the content itself!

Seek out relevant social media groups – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn plus some of the other social media sites have rather large groups of enthusiasts in just about every conceivable niche. Find these and join those that seem to be most relevant to your business. This can be a virtual goldmine!

The shorter the better – Kissmetrics tells us that Facebook posts shorter than 80 characters are acted on a full 66 percent more than the ones that run longer. Save the longer content for your blog, and don’t forget that call to action!

Use lots of images and videos – This is the visual era, and visual content is being shared a significant 40 percent more than that which has no imagery. Make your visuals stunning, provocative and needless to say sharable. This can be a difference maker!