Practically nothing is more frustrating than spending lots of time and effort writing emails no one opens. What’s more, it can also be downright unprofitable! A few percentage points more in your email open rates can translate to a lot more profit. Industry averages for marketers vary widely, depending on the market, but open rates of 25 percent are not uncommon for lists that are current. Naturally, these are people who have mastered the knack of getting their emails opened. Let’s look at 5 ways you can get more of your emails opened, without pulling your hair out!

5 Tips for getting more emails opened

  1. Write what they would like to see – Understanding your market well is a smart way of delivering precisely what they would like to read to their inbox. There’s method in the madness of smart email marketers who regularly question their readership on their interests!
  2. Write a killer subject line! – One of the skill positions, crafting an intriguing and compelling subject line is pretty much job one! Learn to avoid spam words and write compelling, emotional copy. If you have this part right, you’re halfway there!
  3. Have a consistent “From” box  – Readers need to know, like, and trust you, and one great way to help with this in your email marketing campaigns is by creating a consistent presence in your “From” box. Use your name or your brand but ensure that it stays the same!
  4. Showoff your personality – Provide them with a peek into who you are. And do it early on, possibly in the subject line but for sure in the first couple of lines. This also can be seen in their inbox, so don’t be boring!
  5. Don’t forget to resend your un-opens – This is a real no brainer. Send your emails to anyone who didn’t open the first time round, and change the subject line this time. You’ll get quite a few more opens!

There is a lot to do regarding the body of your email, but for now at least you’re getting them to open them, and that’s half the battle!