December 11, 2017 5 Tactics to be More Engaging on Social Media and Gain More Customers

Social media is not a place that people go so that they can view advertisements, browse through all of the business pages, or read long technical updates about a company. Social media is a place to be social! This means that people want to be engaging in conversations and making their voice heard.

We at Evoklocal want to share with you some of our tactics to making sure that your followers stay engaged with your business and ultimately become your customers.

1. Initiate Conversation with your Social Media Followers

If you are at a social event and you want someone to talk to you, how do you do it? You have to talk to them first! Show them that you care about what they have to say by making the first move.

2. Ask For Feedback

Let your followers know that you value their opinion and that you want your products and services to be at their best.

3. Do Surveys and Polls

People love sharing their thoughts and opinions on the internet. The surveys can be things directly related to your business, or just fun questions to get the conversations rolling.

4. Organize Giveaways, Contests, and Promotions

This will get people excited about visiting your page! You can even gain more followers and recognition by having the contest entry include sharing the post or tagging a friend. Even for those who do not win, the excitement for the contest will now be associated with your business.

5. Live Q & A Sessions

Live sessions show your followers that you actually want to hear from them. It also gives you the opportunity to tell your audience the things that they actually want to know about your business instead of just guessing what questions they may be having.

The right digital marketing consultant will be able to incorporate all of these into your marketing plan so that you can see your followers begin to engage with your business.

December 9, 2017 Is Your Business Anti-Social? Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media Marketing

If you’re among the business owners who are posting and sharing content through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, then you’re off to a good start.

But if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, chances are that’s because your social media isn’t actually very social. Posting and sharing content just isn’t enough!

However, how do you put the ‘social’ back in social media and take your social media marketing game to the next level? By creating opportunities for your customers to get involved in the conversation and get to know you and your brand.

1. Post conversational status messages.

This will humanize your brand. Remind people that your business is run by individuals who care about their products and their customers, not by some faceless corporate machine. Allow your customers to connect with you on a human level.

2. Post videos of yourself talking to your target customers.

As a business owner, showing your face builds trust and, again, humanizes your brand.

3. Ask questions. Hear their story.

Ask about their needs and get feedback on your products or services. The exchange will benefit both you and your customers. You’ll be helping your customers feel like they are a valued part of your business, and as a business owner, you will gain valuable insight about your target customers.

4. Respond to comments.

Being social means engaging in a two-way conversation. When your customers reach out to you, make them feel heard and keep them engaged by responding thoughtfully to their comments.

Do these things, and your business will not only have gone social, but it will start taking off.

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April 16, 2017 How to Make Your Site Google-Friendly

While many consider content marketing to be the darling of the search engines at present, there is another aspect to ranking your pages well, and that lies on the technical side of things.

Google loves to reward pages that are technically done well with high rankings, as they feel that while you may have great content, if your user experience is less than wonderful, they’ll say no thank you and look elsewhere.

So how can you satisfy the technicians at Google and get them to rank your pages better? Let’s have a look at 5 tips you can use to ensure that your pages are Google-friendly and provide the best user experience you can deliver.

5 Tips for optimizing the technical side of your web pages

Page speed – You may have heard the latest human attention span statistic; that we now are transfixed a mere 8 seconds, one second less than a Goldfish. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Google probably will not rank your site well if it loads slowly, as people will consider this a poor user experience, or simply not go there at all!

Internal links – Google likes to see a good internal linking plan, one that provides users with useful links to relevant pages inside of and outside of the site. And also this plays a role in passing Pagerank. Also, don’t make the mistake of having multiple navigation menus. Use one, as well as a sitemap and a link back to your home page from each page.

Make sure you are Schema compliant – is the web language markup that Google, Yahoo and Bing have consented to use in order to better see what your pages are about. This is one you’ll need a webmaster for.

Use HTML elements – A significant part of how your page will be ranked is determined by the use of certain HTML elements that indicate what your content is about. This includes the use of H1-H4 tags, meta data and image optimization, to name a few.

Keywords you wish to rank for – This is your opportunity to tell Google in no uncertain terms what your page is all about, and hopefully be ranked for these terms. You’ll have to make sure they are found in all the places Google is looking for them, such as title tags, titles, description, the body of your content and links.

December 18, 2014 Look at How Small Businesses are Employing Social Media

It wasn’t that long ago that small business considered social media nothing more than a time-sucking distraction; something to keep the employees from whiling away their days upon. Not any longer. Now you’d give your brother’s 401k for someone social media savvy enough to take your business to the next level.

The truth is, you probably have employees spending their work time on social media. What you may not have is a plan for how to best make use of their talents.

How are small businesses using social media going into 2015?

Now some 74.5 percent of small businesses report using social media to promote their companies, and they’re throwing money into it as well, as 21.4 percent count this as their highest media spend of all. Clearly, social media has gone from a waste of time to a viable marketing channel.

55 percent of these companies have a Facebook business page, and another 20 percent are using Facebook Ads to promote posts on that page.

The other major players contending for attention from small businesses are LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Google+ could be included in this group, but as it stands now, having gone through yet another incarnation, many are unsure what to do with it. Google My Business is the latest offering from the folks at Google, and it is an ambitious attempt to consolidate Google+, Places, Map and God knows what else under one roof. We’ll see.

What can you do to get your business working with social media?

The first thing to do is to make a decision to start and stay active. Too many times you’ll see a Facebook Page tossed up with little care and no ongoing attention. You’re doing this to gather prospects and new customers for your business; don’t make this mistake!

Offer people who come to your social media pages helpful and unique content. Share what you find useful and valuable, and insert your own comments and reflections.

Be sure and post unique, useful content that will make people want to click through to your other properties, like your site, Blog or YouTube channel, and make an effort to engage with anyone who makes the effort to seek you out socially. You’ll find that the rewards of social media will soon begin to show themselves!

October 17, 2014 3 Tips for Getting More Clicks from Your Social Media

social network and business technologies

Social media is a wonderful thing, and while it may be a struggle to work it into your day, it can reap benefits that did not exist even a few years ago.

After wracking your brain to think of clever and useful posts for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ account or whichever combination you happen to use, if nobody is moved to click on the links you’ve got in those posts it’s just not worth the time.

So, should you junk it all? No, instead use the following 3 tips to goose your social media audience into clicking on your links and heading where you want them to go!

3 Ways to get more clicks from your social media posts

Ask for the click and share – First and foremost, the easiest way to get more clicks from your social media posts is to just ask for them. Carefully craft your calls to action so that there’s no doubt what you want them to do. This goes for sharing, too. Subconsciously, if you make the suggestions they’ll be a lot more likely to act upon it.

Give them something to look at – Nowadays all of us love to watch videos, look at images, pore over infographics and otherwise engage visually. Often you can kill two birds with one stone with just the promise of a video or infographic that can be had for a click, which gets you both what you want.

What’s in it for me? – People need a strong reason to click through. This is where you can make the decision very easy for them by offering a helpful bribe that practically guarantees the click. The only way this doesn’t work is if your call to action is weak or nonexistent, or you don’t deliver real, relevant value. There’s nothing that will draw the ire of a reader faster than a marketer who is trying to deceive, so be sure the bribe matches their interests.

January 6, 2014 Pinterest Traffic Converts Like Gangbusters!

It would be easy to dismiss Pinterest as just another photo sharing site and leave it at that. That could be a very expensive mistake! What started off as a cooler version of Flickr has developed into a traffic and conversion powerhouse that’s beating the pants off far bigger and more well-known social properties.

5 Amazing statistics about Pinterest that will change the way you think about it!

    You might find hard to believe: (I did) but it’s a cold hard fact that according to Mashable, Pinterest is now sending more visitors to our sites that the combined forces of Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+! What’s even better is that this traffic is converting madly! Would you believe that Pinterest traffic is converting at rates 50% higher than all the others! Pinterest peeps appear to be much more likely to part with dough, shelling out more money more frequently than all of the other big social media behemoths. Pinterest is now attracting 4 times more revenue per click than Twitter and a whopping 27 percent more than Facebook. Who saw that coming? How much more? According to Piqora, a single Pin can now fetch $0.78 in sales, and that figure is growing by nearly 25 percent year over year.

So how to capitalize on Pinterest traffic?

Getting the best results from Pinterest will be a matter of making a decision to make it an integral part of your social media marketing plans. It’s simply not enough to slap a Pin It button on your blog posts or images and hope all went well. Here are a few tips to make Pinterest work for you.

The first step is understanding what you can pin. It’s not just pictures! Any media which includes any sort of visual component has the potential to help out. Think of blog posts, videos, slideshows, book covers, marketing materials, Powerpoint presentations and more. Make it easy for your site visitors to pin your content back to their Pinterest accounts by utilizing a Pin It button. Make a Pinterest account for your business, and start some pin boards, linking back to your products and services on your site. Pinterest is not hard to pick up, and has the potential to drive a large number of converting buyers to your site. Get in while the getting’s good!